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I am the senior admin assistant for a commercial property management company. Gold Medal has never failed to provide great service for us.
If you want the job done right and professionally designed, Gold Medal Plumbing is the way to go. Guaranteed, in my book.
--Eddie, Hollywood
Dear Gold Medal Plumbing,
I am writing to express my gratitude for the quality services Gold Medal Plumbing consistently provides.
Gold Medal Plumbing performed significant work on my home in 2006; since that time, I have called many times for service unrelated to the work
completed in 2006. The plumbing business is extremely competitive as evidenced by the fact that whenever I am stuck in traffic, I always see some
van parked next to me advertising plumbing services. Although there are numerous companies I could call to perform plumbing and related services
for my home, I have no intention of calling anyone so long as Gold Medal Plumbing can do the work requested.
--Gina M. Hattenbach, HattenBach Law Group
This IS the best plumbing company. My 75 year old father is a plumber, and even HE agrees. HONEST, friendly, the right price, on time  and fantastic
work...what more could you want?? I never write reviews....But they deserve all the praise a company can get...even helped us to recoup scammed
money from a big plumbing company that took advantage of my 78 year old mother in law. They have old school work ethic and morals. You will be very
happy with this company.
--Michelle M., Studio City
Thank you for the terrific service and wonderful staff.
--Chelsea, Pacific Palisades
Great communication, fast service and very easy to work with.
--Linda, Reseda